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Republic of Turkey

Credit Sector:- Sovereign

Country:- Turkey

Bond Document:- https://www.bondpdf.com

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List of Corporate Actions

Announcement Date CA Type CA Impact CA Event ISIN
24-Jan-2019 New Bond - - XS1843443356
Republic of Turkey has issued EUR 1250MM, 4.625% fixed rate bond due 31-Mar-2025.
22-Jan-2019 Bond Re Tap - - TRT120820T12
Republic of Turkey has added TRY 1434MM to its existing fixed rate bond due on 12-Aug-2020.
15-Jan-2019 Treasury Bill - - TRT150120T32
Republic of Turkey has issued TRY Zero Coupon Bond due on 15-Jan-2020.
15-Jan-2019 New Bond - - TRT100124T17
Republic of Turkey has issued TRY, 2.10% Fixed CPI Linked Notes due on 10-Jan-2024.
09-Jan-2019 New Bond - - US900123CT57
Republic of Turkey has issued USD 2MMM, 7.625% fixed rate bond due 26-Apr-2029.

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