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Credit Sector:- Sovereign

Country:- Romania

Bond Document:-

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List of Corporate Actions

Announcement Date CA Type CA Impact CA Event ISIN
10-Oct-2018 New Bond - - XS1892127470
Romania has issued EUR 600MM, 4.125% fixed rate bond due 11-Mar-2039.
10-Oct-2018 New Bond - - XS1892141620
Romania has issued EUR 1150MM, 2.875% fixed rate bond due 11-Mar-2029.
15-Jun-2018 New Bond - - US77586RAF73
Romania has issued USD 1200MM, Fixed rate Bond due 15-Jun-2048.
07-Jun-2018 New Bond - - XS1837994794
Romania has issued USD,5.125% fixed rate bond due 15-Jun-2048.
07-Jun-2018 Offer Repurchase - - US77586RAA86
Romania today announced that it has intends to repurchase any or all of its USD 1500MM, fixed rate bond due 2022.

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